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More Bleach Theories

Ok, so... if you haven't read up to the current manga, you probably don't wanna read on.

*big wasted space to not spoil stuff for others*

If you're still reading, you're either up to date, don't care if you spoil a surprise, or stupid...

Anywho, since Ichigo got into kick-ass hollow mode, he's obviously a threat. His consciousness initiated the change to get stronger, that is established. However, now that he HAS changed, he's a big problem unto his self. It is more than likely the hollow Ichigo in control, or perhaps even he is not in control - he could be a hollow guided solely by instinct. This 'complete hollowfication' is similar to when the pendulum turned back and Kensei was hollow-fied. But I think this is much worse. Kensei wasn't made to be a complete hollow - as in, he was a solid figure with only many similarities. Ichigo has a hole in his chest. Ichigo can use Cero. It is no longer Ichigo.

Or is it? I think Urahara anticipated something like this when he encountered Ulquiorra. As such, sure, Urahara might have been blocked from entering the portal due to his spirit particle signature - but what has he been up to all this time?

Keep that in mind as I dictate another issue - Kubo Tite likes to leave someone out of the picture for a while before bringing them back with a big bang. This is characteristic of Uaraha, amongst others (with an extremely elongated form - Ichigo's dad).

Now, either Urahara was working on a way to either mask or change his signature so he can enter the portal, or he was making a new one. Now, maybe he is going to go there himself and kick Ichigo's ass, or maybe he's gonna send Ichigo's dad to reach out to Ichigo.

Why would I think somehting as silly as that?

When Urahra talks to Ichigo's dad, Ichigo's dad had a captain garb on with the shoulder identifier missing. Thus we don't know anything other than he reached captain rank and is no longer in soul society. Maybe he was banished, maybe he 'retired' and got Urahara's help to avoid going to that prison.

Regardless, that explains that reasoning.

Now, Urahara is a genius. And that's an insult, because genius would be more like Gin and Aizen. Urahara is far more competent than them. Or at least innovated (trying to avoid the debate of 'well Aizen DID get Urahara kicked out, so who's smarter now?')

So, Urahara knows that Ichigo has an inner hollow. Urahara also encountered Ulquiorra. But how can this genius not pick up a vibe from Ulquiorra targetting Ichigo if everyone else could? And since he obviously picked up on it: what will he do about it?

Alternatively, Urahara could have complete faith in Ichigo and let Ichigo fight his inner hollow inside of himself again, or maybe fight Zangetsu, or something similar to that.... but where would the fun in that be? I WANT TO SEE URAHARA'S BANKAI! :swearing:


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