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More Cr 48 Experiments

Yesterday, my co-worker said he also received a Cr-48. We talked about it, what kind of neat stuff to do, Google labs options to enable, and more, and he said he found an easy way to install Ubuntu. Installing Ubuntu is officially supported, but the official way is quite difficult and I did not feel like it was worth the time. He showed me

this. After reading the instructions through a few times I decided to give it a try, knowing that it was quite easy to recover if needed. I was already running in developer mode, so all it took was the waiting of the files to download and setting the boot priority and BAM! Ubuntu on the Cr-48.
I am very impressed so far, the boot time is under 10 seconds as it uses the chromium kernal, and it gives the all of the options that a full Ubuntu install does, because, well, it is a full Ubuntu install! Tomorrow I will be investigating my SSH options so that I can access my Amazon EC2 server from the Cr-48 again, I did have that working in developer mode and shell commands in ChromeOS.

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Overclock.net › Member Blogs › More Cr 48 Experiments