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More On My Asus

I had set the NB frequency is set 2400MHz (2408.4MHz according to CPU-Z) and 2600MHz = BSOD, and everything else is either in auto or its default. The timings at 1337.8MHz (hmm, interesting number) were 6-6-6-18-24-2T per CPU-Z, with voltage set at 1.86V. All these timings were set manually in the BIOS, with the exception of the CR. The tRC was originally 34, but I tightened it to 24 to see what would happen, so far so good. All other memory settings are left in Auto. The FSB is still at 200 since I had a few issues in the past getting a BSOD on anything near 220, I may play with it some more later, idk.

Like I mentioned earlier, I'll keep this post updated as things progress. I ordered my lapping kit from EasyPCKits.com and expected it to arrive early the next week, I got the whole shebang, ArctiClean with Arctic Silver 5, Coarse Lapping Kit, Premium Lapping kit with glass, and the Final Polish Compound. After I lap the CPU cooler and imbibe in much beer , I figured I'd run prime95 again to see where things would go from there and hoped to shed a minimum of 5C.


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