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More On The Duorb 3 Pin Fan Header

If there is one thing that I HATE on the Duorb, it has to be the fact that Thermltake put a molex on the end of the fan wires for connecting it to it's power source. I mean, *** TT, how hard is it to put a PWM controller on your fans, put a 4 pin standard GPU fan header and charge 3-4$ more for such a great product?

The calbe might be sleeved, but still, when you don't have a molex very near, and god knows that cable management freaks never, EVER, let a molex dangle that close to components, it's very hard to get the Duorb working without the ugly cable.

My solution to this? Chop the sucker off.

I wanted to get a 4 pin originally and connect it the GFX board directly, but then I realized that the Duorb fans don't have a PWM built in, and that they don't have a fan speed line, so I figure that I'd go a simpler route. I had my Ninja's stock fan nearby, so I went ahead and started a fan header transplant.

Chop, strip, solder, and my duorb now connects directly to my motherboard with a brand new three pin. It looks like this.

Can you even see it? It blends very well with my motherboard. Clean eh?


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