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Murphys Law

At work, my boss, my co-worker and I joke about "Murphy's Law" almost everyday. It's not that we're negligent or careless or anything; actually, I think we really do all we can to minimize hitches and problems. Per Murphy's Law, though, despite our efforts something seemingly beyond our control will jump up and bite us. We actually don't even cite Murphy's Law by name; we simply "blame Murphy."

Well, I now wish to invoke the same privilege and blame Murphy for the delay in my assembly of my ongoing PC assembly project, Darth Raivo. I have been quite methodical (more so than usual) with this particular build, performing PC assembly's equivalent to the carpenter's adage of "measuring twice before cutting once," that is, test-fitting component layouts, cable management choices, and other such details.

Murphy's Law hit the Darth Raivo project just after I had installed an aftermarket cooler on the video card. After putting the Scythe Musashi on the Radeon HD4870, I mounted the video card onto the board. That's when I realized the problem: The video card is so long that it would overhang the primary SATA ports on the motherboard.

Now I have SATA cables which have right-angled connectors, which theoretically would have solved the problem; right-angled connectors take the cables on a parallel path to the motherboard PCB, thus getting the cables to sit beneath the overhanging video card. However, to my dismay (not to mention annoyance), DFI has the SATA ports on the LANParty UT nF4 SLI-DR oriented so that right-angled cable connectors are facing the wrong way; instead of the cables going towards the front of the board (i.e., the same side as the front of the computer case), right-angled connectors on this board lead the cables towards the rear of the case.

I shook my fist at Murphy with this discovery...

The only viable solution is to purchase LEFT-angled SATA cables. Oddly-named, perhaps, but functionally they get around the problem. It cost me some money to get the cables, but more than that this delay costs me time. My eagerness now castigates me with the consequent swell of impatience.

I suppose this is the kind of frustration that seems to crops up when you seemingly care too much for the results of your work.

Then I think again, and I guess this is when I have to remind myself that this is a hobby before anything else, and so it is meant to be fun and not a source of frustration or annoyance.

The moment I accept this, all becomes right in the world again.

Sometimes the path to wisdom crosses paths with such life constants as Murphy's Law, but that's just the way it is.


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