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Right; well it seems like I have alot of venting to do and rather than be a jerk and fill threads with lots of useless tidbits that don't belong there I thought I may as well start a blog.

This is MY blog, so I am going to write about anything and everything I want to write about. Good bad or indifferent.

So here goes the first blog from ole Ceadder.

Today was a bittersweet day for me. Back in '95 I was able to attend 2 Pearl Jam shows. The first at the Polo Grounds in San Francisco. That one didn't live up to the expectations of alot of us fans. One of my friends swore off going to their shows because of it.

Well I decided to chalk it up to a bad day for all including Vedder who left after 5 songs and sick as a dog. Rumor and speculation had it as drug induced. Well anyway I took advantage of the make up show at Spartan Stadium that November. Not only was it an EXCELLENT show but Vedder came on before the opening acts and apologized for the PG show. He then strapped on his Acoustic and let us know he was opening the show with a never before heard tune. One that I liked and wanted to know what it was cause I got kinda sorted out if you know what I mean. My girl was at both shows and we enjoyed ourselves.

Well I finally found the name of the song. And while that's a good thing, my girl 6 years gone now was with me there. She passed on due to life catching up. So I found out the song was "Dead Man" through a set list on their site and from a guy who has them up on his youtube site. So while I'm happy I now know the name, I'm sad because I miss those days. That was our best year for sure.

Then CM hasn't even emailed regarding my dissatisfaction. Which prompted me to change some of my build. I'm not going to continue buying products from a company that don't care about their customers.

Basically it's about how when my I/O panel was DOA(mostly) they promised that it would be out on a specific day and it wasn't so all the little ticky tack things started looking more serious after 3 calls. I finally got fed up and left "Bad Dog!" in the review section at newegg.com because I felt that was the only way to blow off some steam about it.

Well their rep contacted me with a comment in the same place. And told me to contact CM regarding 3/11 if it wasn't resolved. Well technically it was. But I'm still miffed about all the little things. USBs' upside down. Lack of LED fans when if you buy the blue LED case you get 3. No polarity switches. When combined with a DOA(finally replaced) I/O panel finally sent me over the edge. I emailed the company per the Rep and let em have it as nicely as one can. Well they care so much about us little guys that they haven't even replied. So the V10 I was GOING to buy is now off my list and I'm going to get the Corsair H20 cooler. My family is also not buying anymore CM gear. And when I get every piece of my equipment I'm going to video blog the build and give CM a piece of my mind at the same time. Had they lived up to their promises in a reasonable manner I coulda lived with the upside down USBs'. But after all this I'm fed up to the point where if I can get a solid replacement this HAF case is gonna get chucked.

I honestly tried to be reasonable. But if I hadn't made a stink about things on the 3rd try I would STILL be waiting for my I/O panel. That should not happen at all. Now its on them to follow up, cause I'm done with them. They've got my digits they can call or email. If they had decided that the I/O was enough they could have just followed up. Instead they're deflecting again.

So changing that part of my build has cascaded to some degree into other parts as well.

Til next time;

*Edit* New blog is up*



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