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My Deafness Venting

deaf people emailing me complaining them being deaf. like I dont give a **** about you being deaf, and why make a big ****in deal about being deaf. just get a ****in hearing aid/implant and be done with it. live life instead of complaining about weather "god gave you the gift of being deaf" or make urself hear again cause you dont believe in god-deaf-gift ****

and then people complain to me for not caring too much about my deafness and that i need to put more awardness about my deafness on my life. I simply DONT GIVE A ****

only reason why i have an account on an deaf forum is to help those who are looking for getting an implant(s) (which i have), not to deal with people that are anti-implant/hearing aid cause theyre ******s

If you dont like the fact that I have implants and dont know ASL (cause its a dying langue for god sakes) and the fact that I only rely on hearing (with implants on), then **** off


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