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My F3 Folding Rig

This was my F3 folding rig. It was kinda happy with life. But then I succumbed to the pressure Fry's put on me with their $89 GTX460 sale. Now that means the GT240 in the bottom slot needs to make way for a GPU with more PPD.

Out!! Everything out -- now! Everything came out of the old case. And the GTX460 box in the background hungry to churn some PPDs.

This was the original build... GTS250, GTX460, GTS450, and 9800GT hugging up close to the PSU. You'll see that I initially bent the double face plate so the GPU would fit. Then later on, I realized I can make the face plate that came with one of my GT430s work...

When I wrote my review for the USP case, I bagged on it for the long reach from PSU to the power connector for the CPU. Well, that was before I noticed the nifty ports on the motherboard plate to pass wires thru. Duh.


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Overclock.net › Member Blogs › My F3 Folding Rig