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My First Blog Post My Life In A Box

So, who knows how many people will actually read this, but oh well. I just kind of want to vent about life in general right now, and this is a better place than any. Myspace and Facebook are a bit too public, and most of those people know me personally.

I have, for one reason or another, been an underachiever ever since high school started. Up until high school, I got straight A's in every class with little to no effort. In high school, even though my grades dropped, I continued with the little to no effort model of learning. Thus, I went through high school with a GPA in the high 2s. I also ended up with a 30 on my ACTs. Now, I am in college, and still maintaining the no effort model. The thing is, a lot of things come very naturally easy for me, yet for one reason or another, I refuse to put that tiny bit of effort forward to go from a B-C student to an A-B student.

So, one has to wonder, am I underachieving on purpose? Perhaps. Maybe I'm afraid of success, thinking that if I do well, people will expect me to do well all of the time, and if I never do well, people don't expect much of me, and then I pleasently surprise them when I put real effort forward.

I find that music comes very easily to me. Almost all instruments come fairly naturally to me, and I am able to pass my music classes with minimal practice, usually a few minutes right before a test. So, why do I settle for mediocrity and minimal effort, instead of marginal effort, and perhap excellence?

I have no damn clue...


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