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My First Impressions On Full On Use Of Ubuntu

Well, since my last blog I've gotten a new HD for my laptop. I've loaded both XP and Ubuntu 8.04 on it.
I guess I have to take back "first impressions" as I've been using Xubuntu for my file server for quite a while now.

In all honesty the whole setup for Ubuntu and it's different GUI derivatives has been good with a few caveats. In each installation I've had a few things I've needed to get nitty-gritty with in order to either get functionality I wanted or, in the case of my laptop, functionality I need.
Interface is fun overall, used KDE, Gnome, and XFCE thus far and I have to say, I really prefer it to the standard Windows interfaces.
However, when I'm actually setting up stuff the root privileges are nigh as annoying as Vista's UAC.

Back to the aforementioned problems I guess...
Keep in mind that I've never used any linux-derivative for any major period of time, and have pretty much had to learn CLI, compiling, and etc. much quicker than I expected...

Xubuntu + my fileserver:
S3 IGP... Oh, yea you know what I mean if you've encountered it. Compiling an OpenChrome driver without ever having done so or ever having read over the procedure for before. I swear, I was on a general VESA driver for the longest time.

mdadm... haha, I made this one harder on myself than necessary. I kept trying to use the hardware options, when in the end I went with an mdadm software array.

Vino instead of VNC... woo boy, learning XFCE doesn't have remote access and finding VNC being a PITA to get working, I went with Vino and it's password backend was a fun and easy learning experience.

now for Ubuntu + my laptop:
everything works well. one very annoying problem however...

Broadcom 43 firmware. fun stuff, I have the driver to use it, but just recently pieced together that there isn't the firmware to make the hardware work. yipee! -_-
This one's getting rectified shortly however.


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