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My I7 System

Well, finally I'll have some spare time on my hands to make a post on my system with pictures and everything. So for those who are interested in learning about the setup for this build or are bored and don't know what to do you could throw some time away now.

It's been about two weeks since I completed it, and I've spent the two weeks on testing stability and checked for errors or any leaks in the water system. "Unfortinalty" I'm just able to water cool the CPU, at least for now - since there aren't any water blocks out that fits the ASUS HD4870x2 Tri-Fan edition since it's a non-referencial PCB, sadly. I had plans for watercooling it as well, but wasn't aware of it before I got the water block for it and were about to install it. First when I removed the stock cooler and heatsinks I noticed the differences. Actually, I noticed a difference when I first got the card. The box and everything looked the same, but I saw that the card were different - unfortinatly I didn't think of it more than it just beeing an improved stock cooler. I did check the suppliers site just to be shure, since the actual product weren't like the image, but since it didn't say anything about it beeing referencial or non-referencial I didn't do any second guessings and settled with that. Stupid of me, should have checked with the producers themselfs, but hey - lesson learned until next time.

Anyways.. let's move on. Here comes a list of the components and items that the setup contains with images:

I've always had a love for Lian Li products, so that beeing said, no surprice I went for the Lian Li Armoursuited PC-80B
I did think about the Lian Li TYR PC-X2000, whitch is also a very good case, but after much back and forth - but with no really big difference exept design - I felt that the Armoursuite were more _me_.

I love this case, it's all you're ever going to need. If you manage to run out of space in this one you're pretty good!

The big question is allways whitch motherboard to go for, and I did indeed spend a lot of time checking up on different boards. But in the end, I ended up with the ASUS P6T6 WS Workstaion motherboard.


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