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My Learning Curve As An Amd Overclocker

This is irony a person that hates bloggers writing a blog.

This is a testament to all the hours I spent working out how to overclock an AMD CPU.

A little about me, I was born and raised in a small country town called Huonville in a small Island called Tasmania (yes the same place as Taz the Tazmanian devil).

I first was introduced to computers when I was 9 years old and the first machine my family had was Larry the Laser which was a 286.

Then after that I had built and AMD k6 2 350MHz (1998) which I fried 18 months later (by accident). Around (L99-00) this time I was working at DAP computers as a trainee, at this stage RAMBUS was in and COPPER MINES where the CPU of choice and a good overclock was 850 MHz to 1 GHz.

Things that I had learned in this era was that Intel pentium 4's where crap and so was Windows Me. I remember having had a huge argument with another techie about this and he was so stubborn on the Idea that AMD Athlons where crap and that the Intel white papers I had didn't prove anything about the Intel Pentium 4.
This is when I started to lose respect for Intel.


I am coming to terms with the fact that these very 5770's I own may be the last ATi badged card I get.

If any of you guys reading didn't know AMD is re-branding their graphics cards from ATi to AMD this breaks 25 years of ATi.

Why does this concern me? Well it doesn't but it will be hard to see such a huge influence go.

Did you guys know that ATi was the first manufacturer to produce a card that took full advantage of AGP.
Also the first to make a DX9 graphics card, the first to mass produce graphics cards to commadore 64 they where selling 7000 units a week!.

I for one will be wearing a black armband on the day AMD re-badges ATi.


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