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My Love Hate Relationship With Ocn Chat

i would say that i spend a good amount of time in chat. i am pretty much in it whenever i am at my computer or on my laptop.
browsing and being on ocn has become an addiction of sorts. although i am not complaining about that, there are few things about chat that i would like to vent about..so to say

i love chat. if i didn't like being there then i wouldn't go in. i remember my first visit to chat, i bet everyone thought i was a troll or ROTB, just because i'm pretty sure i entered chat for the first time right after i posted my intro thread.
i like chat because it's a nice way to get more "personal" with some members and it's nice when you have a quick question, but would feel stupid making a thread about it

but as someone who visits chat very often, there are plenty of things that bother me about it.
not with how chat is in itself, but mostly the people in chat and the way they act and also how it's dealt with by mods.
but the mod thing is something that i won't go into on here,
i've already stated my opinion on the matter to the people i needed to address it to.

so moving on to about how people act.
i don't know if any of you read my recent rant involving teenagers...but i feel the same exact way about a few people in chat.
it just gets really annoying to see these "kids" acting the way they do.
they push their limits and then whine when they get in trouble. it's truly pathetic.
then they get all angry when people "snitch" on them when there isn't a mod around.
well like i say all the time in chat, "maybe if the rules were being followed there would be no need for anyone to snitch"
these "kids" don't seem to get that and it honestly is one of my pet peeves. there is nothing more frustrating than dealing with people who aren't logical thinkers and have no common sense.
but i must play nice because 1) i don't want to get in trouble and 2) i don't want to make myself look bad.

also some people have gotten into a habit of calling me "mean"... i'm not a mean person. anyone who knows me can agree with that. i'm just honest and i call it like it is. always. i don't like to sugar coat things so that people like me.
if i am asked a question and if you want an honest answer, you will get it. sorry, just the way i am

so in conclusion, i think that ocn chat is excellent...but some of the people who visit it like to ruin it for others with their immature ways


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