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My New Computer Let Me Know

So I have been looking at components for a long time now, pricing things out and doing research. This is what I have come up with so far, let me know what you think.
Keep in mind that I will be W/C'ing and OC'ing this bad boy.
As well I am a programmer, and often have 2-6 Virtual machines open at a time, as well there is very few moments while playing games, that I am not also watching something on the second monitor, and chatting on the third. etc etc.. I expect my computer to do A LOT!.

AMD Phenom II x6 1090t BE
ASUS Crosshair IV formula
Corsair AX 1200W PSU
OCZ Vertex 2 50GB SSD X2 (raid 0)
ATI 5870 GPU?

I need some help with the HDD's not sure if those are some of the best, or should I get intel's, I have heard that intel's are better performance for the first month but after that it goes downhill.
as well still wondering if I wait for the extreme version of the MB if it is even coming out.
my biggest issue at this point is RAM.
the G.Skill Flare 2x2's look good. but 8Gb isn't going to be enough. I have 6GB at this point and often use it all.
looking for a good set of 2x4's (8gb dual channel)

Need some help on the GPU(s) which one is best for the money spent, and do you go with saphire or xfx or something? I was in the Nvidia camp and it has been a long time.

Confused Visio Dei Signing off for now, updates to come.

P.S. I promise Photos are coming of my last build, just need to find a Cam.


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