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My Own Stupidity Paypal Crappy Day

Ok basically I purchased a cpu from someone, $115 was in my paypal, and 73 had to come from my bank(debit card). Paypal paid the man, then started to process the card. In the 3 days it took to process my debit card expired. My bank denied it obviously, well paypal never sent me a message saying anything but my bank did. So I saw my card expired so I added my bank account to my paypal and my new debit card. Today the guy comes calling for his money, because paypal said they cancelled it. Still no email for me, from paypal. I go to paypal and it says it was denied and my account is $40 in the hole(I got a payment on something else for $33). So I pay it instantly and its now shows my account balance as $0.

But he has no money, and I don't have the money. Paypal has taken his/mine $189 into their imaginary land of not existing. So I am left with the debate, resend the money and hope they refund it. (which will hurt me financially, because it will put me behind on some bills) Or wait and see if I get it back and resend immediately....guess I have to see what the guy wants to do.

Its going to be a bad day I just know it.


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