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My Random Thoughts On Fanboyism

Every single one of us is a fanboy of something. Some of us get a stiffy for nVidia, others for AMD. Still others absolutely have to have a Dr Pepper, and some insist on eating plants.

Myself, I'm a fanboy of reliability. I like having things I can trust to outlive their usefulness several times over while still working perfectly. Both of my monitors are CRTs. Why? They work great, and my primary can letterbox 1080P. Antiquated tech running more pixels than bleeding edge...I love it!

My CPU is still a Socket 939 part because it still works and still does the job just fine. And then there's my old Ford pickup. Beat up, ragged, faded paint and over a quarter million miles on it, and yet I still drive it. I'd trust that thing to go all the way to LA from Nashville, and then drive all the way back up here.

At least I'm not a brand fanboy. I don't care if it's Intel, AMD, nVidia or ATI in my rig. I just want it to be reliable.

As long as the graphics aren't Intel, that is. iythbjytihyh


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