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My Rig Got Stolen

Anyway so for ages i havnt posted here guys, sorry about that, been having some family troubles etc, etc.. And to top it all of was on holiday and my rig and all my peripherals where stolen along with alot of other stuff in my house, how ever the robbers attempt to rip my pc of the desk kinda failed as they left behind the back of my gfx card and thats all i have , insurance gave me 600 pounds which i think wasnt enough, so this led me into a new shed of light to build a new kickass rig, so watch my blog for the final decided specs, will be, Intel Quad/Nvidia 9 series, not sure wether to go nForce or Intel chipset not to sure

R.I.P My First ever build


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Overclock.net › Member Blogs › My Rig Got Stolen