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My Specs

I guess a little background info is the best place to start off with, although I find it very risky going into full details.. you never really know for sure who's reading this .
On the other hand, those that read this don't know if i'm making it up or not.. guess it works both ways .

I live in the Netherlands now, but I was born in America. Las Vegas, 1970's to be exact. 15 years of speaking dutch can really ruin a man's english, that's why some of my words are spelled wrong or otherwise used in the wrong context. (Forgive me Uncle Sam!!)
My father was a military man, and my mother was the typical wife of a military man, and we moved ALOT. My parents devorced when I was 9, my mother threw me out when I was 16, my father threw me out when I was 22 and now I'm here.
I've got no G.E.D. or any other degrees. Never worked in a computer store nor have I ever taken any classes at school or had any prior computer training, but I somehow seem to know everything
I love music, women and my computer


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