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My Spider Advernture Part 2

In Part 2 of My Spider Adventure I will be covering some of the changes I have made so far and the good and bad of each.


The main issue I have with my system is cooling. I believe this is more related to the case that anything else. So I decided to add some additional fans.

I first started by ordering the following harddrive cage with a 120mm fan attached:

Cooler Master 4 in 3

I then pulled an old 80mm fan from the stock heatsink that came with a AMD 5600 X2 Windsor. I used the Zalman fan control to adjust it's speed because at full blast this thing is loud and can move some air around. I attached that to the side of my case.

Now with two of the four hard drives moved up above the video cards and spaced out so that the 120mm fan on the drive cage can push some air into the case temps dropped some while under load (about 4c). Not to mention that at least two of my hard drives were now running alot cooler away from those video cards. The additional fan on the side (blowing in) made little to no difference in temps, but I left it anyway for a peace of mind. I still thought the temps were a little high though.

Cooling Part 2

I finally received my additional cooling parts I needed:

OCZ Vendetta 2
OKGEAR 90mm PCI Slot System Blower
OCZ Freeze Extreme.

With the installation of the Vendetta 2 I had to remove the side case fan from it's original spot and I relocated it to the vent below it. Now the fan blows on the video cards and along with the PCI slot system coolers the graphics card's temps have been reduced by about 2c.

The OCZ Vendetta made a minor decrease in temps with the Spectra Cool paste, however the big jump came when I put on the OCZ Freeze. You can read a more indepth review with a comparison on my post "Spectra Cool Thermal Paste - My Review"

Now my system runs cooler and I have been able to push the system farther, for longer. I cannot wait until I get my new case (which will be discussed in Part 3).

I did add a couple more things:

XTRAC Ripper Optical Mouse pad
Microsoft Black 104 Ergonomics Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000
eDimensional Audio FX Force Feedback Gaming Headset
Logitech G5 Battlefield Edition (on sale from Wal-Mart for $15)

Stayed tuned for Part 3 where I install everything in my new case.


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