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My Spider Advernture Part 3

Well now that I have gotten my new case and installed everything in there it is time to rant and rave again.

The Case

The case is a COOLER MASTER Centurion 590 which comes with a drive cage pre-installed and a rear exhaust fan. I installed the drive cage that I had in my previous case, but changed out the fan to one of the four Scythe 120mm "Slipstream" 110cfm case fans that I ordered for the case. Two of the other fans went in the top as exhaust fans and the 4th and final fan went on the side as an intake. There were two side intakes but the OCZ Vendetta 2 is too tall to allow the installation of the second side fan. Other than running the wires differently to make it actually look a little neater (still could do better, but I am lazy) nothing else has changed about the system.

The Differences

The first thing I noticed was that in my previous case (COOLER MASTER CAVALIER 3) everything ran fine with my overclocked 9850 to 2900MHz at stock volts (1.296). However now that it is in my new case it will BSOD on me at stock volts. So I had to up the voltage to 1.376 for it to run stable. Does that mean there is a sweet spot for the temps? Not sure.

As far as the video cards go I am not able to overclock them as far either. The highest I was able to get was 877/1297, however that was only once and most of my benches were at 864/1297. Now I am able to only get 850/1297 max. So I am unsure if there is a sweet spot there as far as temps are concerned.

Overall everything runs much cooler now and that is a good thing. I plan to do a review on the case once I have had it a little while.

Until then....

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