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My Spider Advernture Part 4


Well as it turns out the problem that I talked about in Part 3 was not specificly case related. It just so happens that it is Power Supply related. I guess in a sense it has to do with the case since there are more fans in the case and they are more powerful. So they are sucking just enough juice to deprive the CPU it's necessary diet. With that being said I decided to embark on trying the Dual Power Supply tactic.

The Hookup

Hooking up two power supply is relatively easy, especially if you read this forum post. It explains what needs to be done (for a temporary solution anyway) to try out two power supply's at once. Once you decide that this is a possible permanent solution you my want to either get a Dual Power Supply adapter or directly wire the two together. This will allow them to come on at the same time. The two PSUs that I have are the following:

450W Thermaltake
750W Thermaltake

The Results

I tried different combinations between the two power supplies. I tried running just the case fans on the 450W and the rest on the 750W. I tried running the case fans and one 3870 on the 450W and the rest on the 750W. I tried all kinds of different combinations and for the most part they all worked the same. I am not sure of the best way to leave it permanently, so comments are welcome.

I was able to overclock farther than before, but still without stability so that did not fix that problem. Must still be limited by the proc.

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