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My Spider Advernture Part 4 The Final Chapter

The Re-Birth

Since the last blog post about my system I have gone through alot of changes. First was the motherboard swap to the new ASUS M3A79-T Deluxe. I then added a fourth Sapphire Toxic 3870 and attempted to upgrade my PSU to a Corsair 1000W. However the PSU turned out to be incompatable with the board. So I ended up selling the Corsair and getting an Ultra X3 1000W PSU instead. At the same time I replaced all four of my Sapphire Toxic 3870's with three Visiontek 4870's and these things rock.

I am now able to overclock my Phenom 9850 BE to run at 3.2GHz 24/7 folding stable and bench at 3.4GHz. Seems the CPU is still holding back the power of the cards though.

I have also installed a CPU loop on my system to help keep everything cool, which is great, however it did not seem to help me overclock any higher than on air.

The Coming Death and Resurrection

Soon 'My Spider' will be just a memory to me when the new Dragon Platform fully takes over upon arrival of the Phenom II chips. Everything is currently in place for that to happen with the only remaining part being the Phenom II 940 BE. Once that is installed, the beloved 'My Spider' for the last 8-9 months will be dead and buried and arising out of the ashes will be my new friend - 'The Water Dragon'.

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