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My Thoughts On Bp Part One

Wow...where do I begin...Ok, this is a big mess first of all.

Apparently some stuff blew up on the oil platform Deepwater Horizon. It burst into fire, they couldn't put it out, it sank, and when it did it yanked the tube off the end of the oil well. This vented the well, which has since been spewing ungodly amounts of oil into the gulf.

You'd think there's some safety equipment down there to prevent this, right? Well....it didn't work. And over the past month and a half BP has quite fruitlessly tried to cork the bottle. 8 things they've tried so far. 8 things that have failed. Right now they thing the rock surround the well is leaking. And in the middle of it all are the various groups slapfighting over what to do.

Ok, to those of you who are saying to either sue or fine(or both, even) BP into oblivion right this minute, I say shut the hell up. IF you bankrupt the one company that has the funding and capacity to plug it(Eventually, that is) you ruin the gulf for the rest of this generation's lifetime. ANd most like their children's too. How would you like your kids to grow up knowing that a bunch of political grandstanders ruined the entire gulf coast of the US because they couldn't shut the hell up and let the company responsible clean up the mess first?

To those of you saying they should be bailed out...really? Honestly? Bailing out an oil company? They make PLENTY of money in a month. More than enough to cover this and stay afloat. Bailing out the banks and auto industry didn't do much good, did it? So why should we bail out the oil industry?

For the rest of you: Seriously just leave BP the hell alone. They have enough of a problem capping the bloody well.

My thoughts on it, you ask? Well, Russia did mention that a <100kT nuclear device would neatly plug the hole. So nuke it I say. 'Course the Obama administration put the kaibosh on that. So I guess this thing's gonna keep on gushing until someone shoves his head into the oil. Literally.

Stay tuned there will likely be more posts on this one. Oh and I put comments on moderate so don't try anything stupid.


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