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My Thoughts On Top Gear Usa

....As the show sits I hope it doesn't make it past season 1. History managed to get most of the basics right, but they cocked up three pretty important parts.

First of all, the chemistry just isn't there. A good chunk of why I watch TG:UK is because of the unique chemistry between Clarkson, May and Hammond. They also talk to the viewer as if the viewer was a friend of theirs when reviewing a car. They act like complete idiots on camera. They're actually funny. TG:US, however....yeah the chemistry just ain't there. The presenters are quite boring. Perhaps this will improve as the episodes rack up? TGUK had to drop one presenter, as their first season had Jason Dawe in place of James May and he made it quite boring. Perhaps if they lose Tanner, as he's the most boring of the lot, they will get the chemistry going again.

Secondly, they didn't quite get the Stig right. They don't have the witty, humorous introductions, the Stig himself is a pretty big guy, and they don't joke around anywhere near as much about him. He doesn't 'use his Stig-like powers" to keep unruly cars on track, for example.

Then there's the SIARPC segment. They call it Big Star, Small Car. Fair enough. The car is quite reasonably priced, too, a meek little Suzuki SX4 manual. So that works. Crappy FWD hatchback with the correct gearbox. But that's where it ended. They had Buzz Aldrin on today, and they asked him three meh questions relating entirely to the speed of the lander, went over his car history, then went straight to the lap. What the hell?! You aren't going to ask about farting on the moon? You aren't going to ask him about any of the "We never went there" myths? Clarkson would do such things. These interviews are supposed to interest the viewer, and they had someone who has literally walked on the moon in, and yet they STILL managed to make it boring!

I only hope they improve it considerably. Going off entirely what I saw tonight it will probably flop. I'll give it the rest of the season before I make a final decision, but I'm not keeping my hopes up.


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