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Need Help With Oc

Problems overclocking my custom build PC?
i have antec 900 case
core 2 quad CPU 2.66 standard 1066 FSB

i move it up slowly but it crashes and idk what is going on. my memory is crucial ballistix 2x1 gb sticks running at 800 standard

gpu is crappy but idk if that makes a difference

sparkle 7300 256mb

i upgraded to xfx 9600 gso 768mb one and i know it will help a lot with gaming but

my question

when i use 3d mark 06 to bench mark right now im at 3.20GHz fsb is 1280 and memory is at 1097

i up all the voltages a lil bit but it runs games fine and normal use is good and temps are running great but when using 3dmark it crashes

what do i do to OC better


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