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Well I figure this is as good of a place as any to think out loud.

With my first case mod/overclock basically done (Finally got 'er stable, without having to find a bigger boat), I've begun planning something new. Woo!

I had the privilege of stripping down and poking around inside an ancient Dell tower, and found myself totally inspired by the amount of drawers, sliding bits and moving parts. There's a full enclosure for a PSU that folds out and up onto the top of the case, and a neat little hinge system for the 5.25 drives to be pulled in and out. I have to mod it. It could be so stellar.

So I'm looking into ways to take advantage of all the drawers and slidey-bits for a watercooled mod, having never tried water before. Now that I've done my first mod, and learned how to paint a case and how to cut holes in one, I'm looking forward to all the neat next-level things I could do with it.

I'm considering not only modding the inside, but building an entirely new outside out of acrylic as well. Maybe power-coating the inside and using translucent acrylic. I'm also rolling around new color scheme ideas as well, since Outbreak came out brighter and far more pink than orange than i would have preferred.

Hopefully, once i start playing with designs I can get some good feedback from my OCN peers. I guess we'll see!


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