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New Blog So How About Some Old Stuff


This is my first blog on overclock.net.

I figured I'd start by helping some folks out by providing access to some utilities that are either hard to find or no longer provided.

The first is the .NET Framework Cleanup Tool /Utility. This isn't for beginners. It's usually found on MS MVP Aaron Stebner's Web Blog, but the links aren't always reliable.

The second is the utility msicuu2.exe/msizap.exe, aka "Windows Installer Cleanup Utility." Microsoft.com stopped publishing this to their downloads area not too long ago. It's a cool and efficient utility to remove entries from appwiz.cpl that are invalid (and even better for those who aren't too fond of 3rd-party utilities!)

The zip file name is MSIcuu2.zip.

Also: 2 fun utilities: OpenClipboard. This is an easy, small, one-click solution to messed-up Copy/Paste capabilities. It is also an easy way to clear your clipboard.

The second fun utility is TXTCollector. It's freeware, no trial or shareware, and, for folks like me who love to save ideas and quick info to text documents/notepad! It simply allows the user to find and combine .txt documents into one with document separators of your choice.


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Overclock.net › Member Blogs › New Blog So How About Some Old Stuff