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New Custom Cpu Block Design

Just sent good ole US2 a message about a possible winner CPU block design, inspired off my HK3.0. Its pretty easy, and the sheer amount of solid copper left on top would highlight a sweet SwishaMane reading up and down both sides of it vertically...

Solid black border is copper block, smaller black square is CPU IHS, blue square is CPU die(s). Grey lines connecting the input and output g1/4" threaded barbs is chamber for water to constantly flow over fins, squiggly lines over die, for constant flowrate. The biggest overlooked problem with my last block was the bottleneck. Water came ina nd flowed through block nice, but when it got to that chamber to reconnect both ends to single barb, it REALLY was restrictive. So, I wanna stay away from that ALOT.

A somewhat larger chamber for water is in purple, and is my plan B if the fins would be TOO turbulant, or cause restriction. I wanna keep them there, but small(er) than mebbe a normal would be, just to help transfer heat.

I want ANYONE who sees a problem with this design to let me know before he starts to render it and possibly start production.

Personally, I think its solid. If he can keep floor of chamber REALLY close to bottom of copper, keep the fins not restrictive, and the input flowrate closely matches output, then, I dont seen problem with it.


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