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New Heatsink On The Way

Well, I've thrown in the towel and decided that whatever my the cause of heat issue, it seems to primarily point back to the Xigmatek HDT-S1283. However great everybody else thinks HDT is, it's not working for me. I'll go with the flat, thin base on the heatsink from now on. I did notice that BenchmarkReview updated their thermal interface material test to 80 from 33 and included method and enthusiast ratings for the TIMs.

I've gone ahead and ordered a Prolimatech Megahalems with an AM2+ adapter kit and a Scythe 1900rpm Slipstream. I added on to that a blue LED 110cfm Cooler Master to replace my 42cfm. My reasoning, both the SilenX 120x25mm 72cfm supply fans are becoming exhuast fans and one of the 2 SilenX 120x38mm exhaust fans (the one on the side panel) is becoming a supply fan. I've got 2 spare Cooler Master 120x25mm fans that I plan on using as circulating fans within the tower. One of the right now is pointed at my ASUS EAH4890 and I've seen a 10C drop there and a ~3C drop in my CPU . Although dropping my overclock back to stock may have helped a little (~2C) there.

With shipping as it is these days, I expect to get my order by the end of the week and have everything completed by next Sunday. This also means that I have to redo some of my wire routing so it doesn't look like a mess AND interfere with good air flow.


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