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New Hsf Otw

I took the plunge and got a Panaflo FBA12G12H1BX 120x38mm 104cfm 41dB fan to replace the Scythe Slipstream 110cfm 37dB fan for my Megahalems. I'm just not getting the cooling I was hoping for with the Slipstream, the static pressure isn't even 1mmH2O. Sure it moves lots of air but without any pressure.

I also ordered a 38mm fan clip and a 12" 3-pin extension cable. The first, since I've gotta hold the fan to the heatsink somehow and the second so I can finally make my case power LED work.

In the 2 or 3 years I've had my CM690, not one time has the power LED lit up. Why you ask? Because it's a 2 pin cable trying to fit on a 3 pin connection. Not very smart IMO. The Intel and AMD motherboards I've always had have had 3 pin connections for the power LED and the CM690 is the first case where I've had a 2 pin cable. A little rewiring and the 3 pin extension becomes a 2-pin to 3-pin adapter or vice versa. IDK why I never thought of that before , guess I was content with at least knowing the HDD LED was on and showing the status.

Another thing to note is that I switched the HSF to a puller on Megatron. Turns out that with the ~3 inches between it and the rear exhaust, I dropped about another 2C. The coldest operating temperature I've seen prior to this (with near 2% cpu activity) was 34C, now I'm getting 32C. Kinda interesting, I wonder what would happen if I fabricated a duct to the rear exhaust . Results probably wouldn't make much of a difference, but I am curious now to see the results.

I'm also looking at fabricating a shroud for the Panaflo as it blows into Megatron. Hmm, maybe 120x38mm like the Panaflo? This will eliminate the dead zone created by the motor hub definitely, but how would I mount all this?

Ahh, food for thought. Until later or I want to rant about something.


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