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New Job

Being a civil servant is a very good thing. Employment with a municipal government, for one thing, is comparatively much more stable than most any other private employer, including gigantic mega-corporations. You are afforded many civil service protections, which means, basically, that it would take a truly heinous act on your part to get you fired. Moreover, you also have no shortage of opportunities when it comes to exploring your own limits as a worker; once you're employed by the government, all you really need are to make sure you meet a given position's qualifications and that you pass the qualifying promotional exams when they're offered. I speak from experience when I say it's a very fulfilling career path.

I mention this because I went on a job transfer interview today. Basically this means I'll be staying in the same job class, but I'll be changing City departments (if I'm chosen as the successful candidate, of course) from the Zoo Department to the Airports Department. Traveling to the interview was a little adventurous because of the rain in SoCal today; I'm always concerned about how other people with no imagination whatsoever drive in the wet. Thankfully, I allowed myself a good lead time and got to the interview with a half-hour to spare before my appointment.

The interview itself was very good. I told my girlfriend and a buddy today that it felt like that was my very best job interview that I've ever done; my girlfriend even said that she could tell from my voice mail to her that the interview went superbly just from the sound of my voice.

I hope our confidence is well-founded.

If nothing else, I'll long remember today as the day when my co-workers at the Zoo, almost every single one of them, complimented me on my attire AND how I wore it. You see, at the Zoo we all dress in a very casual manner. I'm the type to wear jeans and a shirt (with my hoodie and my leather trenchcoat during the winter months) all year long; I'd even wear my preferred shorts, shirt, and sandals if I was allowed to. I even ran into the Zoo's General Manager, the department's director, in the hallway today, and even he gushed at how sharp I looked. I thanked him, of course, but I thought privately that this was likely the only day I will ever dress better than he.

I'll tell you guys something: Women dig dudes who wear suits.

I'll likely not know if I am the successful candidate until next week at the earliest. To be perfectly honest, I'll be a little sad to leave the Zoo, as this is really a good little City department. I love the atmosphere, and in my two years here I've made quite a few really good friends. But every now and then, it's good to test yourself and take a few risks, even when things look really good at the moment.

Maybe the grass is greener at the Airport than at the Zoo...


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