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New Project

im going to be moding my h5o this week after finding out something cool playing with my radiator and fan configuration. i have found that you do not need a push pull config only a pull fan to achieve the same temp results as a push pull config. ive also done some research on coolant transfers and will be using a high performance engine coolant to cool the loop. i will be using a 74% distilled water 25% engine coolant and 1% iodine cavicide mixture. i have used cavicide many times before as im also a licensed tattoo artist and tattoo as a hobby. i will be using a set of 1/4in id clear vinyl tubing and some heavy duty zip ties to start my mod untill i can order some pressure fittings to clamp the tubes like the kind used in oxy-acetylene torch hosing. i will also be mounting the radiator horizontally instead of vertically on the top of my haf 912 case were the 2 120mm fans would go. i have also done some math and figured out the proper mixture as to avoid the decomposition of my tubing due to the alcohol content of engine coolant. i will post up some pictures as i start my mod. scheduled start date will be monday 27/12/2010
i am very excited to start this mod.


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