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Nfl Refs Amp Challenge Rules Suck

I have abuot had it with the plays that "cannot be challenged" for whatever reason. For the second week in a row, the Bengals have been royally screwed...losing the game as a direct result of an unchallengable play.

Last week: When the Browns were driving on their way to a go-ahead touchdown late in the game, their player was gang tackled. On the way to the ground, he fumbled the ball and review showed that the Bengals recovered. But the refs would not let the play be challenged because they had blown the play dead, claiming that forward progress had been stopped. Absolute crap...the guy had not been pushed back 5-10 yards, which is when they normally whistle a play dead for that reason. No, it was catch-boom-tackle-boom-whistle-fumble. And because the refs were whistle happy, it was not reviewable. Given the see-saw nature of that game, that call unquestionably impacted the outcome.

Yesterday: Even worse. Browns fans may disagree with my statement that the blown call gave Cleveland the game, but there is no way a Seattle fan could make the same claim. The Bengals are up by four points with three minutes to play, and Seattle has to drive 60 yards for a touchdown to win. During the series, the Seattle QB attempted a pass over the middle, which a Bengals linebacker deflected. The Seattle QB caught his own deflected pass, took three steps (only one of which is necessary to establish possession), and fumbled the ball when tackled. Replay showed that the Bengals had clearly recovered the fumble, which would have all but ended the game. But wait! Those fan-freaking-tastic NFL refs once again had blown the play dead...they actually ruled it as an incomplete pass on the field, which was so wrong that retarded monkeys pointed at them and said "No, that's wrong." But because some moronic twit blew their whistle, once again, Cincy was not even allowed to challenge the play...despite incontrovertible evidence that the refs got it wrong.

I sound like a whiny fan, and there is no defending the sub-par performance of my team this year. But I really get irate when they get screwed over by the refs...not once, but twice, in exactly the same way. What's the friggin point of having replay if they aren't going to use it to get the call right, every time?!?


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