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Non Raid Harddrive On Ich10 Southbridge

My first raid setup was on a nforce 5 series, so setting a raid configuration was easy.
In the bios just set the configuration to raid ten specify the data ports u want to put into raid.
Ie port 2 and 3.
That was nice if u were like me and had 2 harddrives in a raid 1 and a single drive for the os.

With this new ICH10 when u set the configuration to RAID it will put all ports to raid with out the ability to specify what ports will be raid and leave the rest as is.
How it works in a nut shell:
When u put it toraid all non raid devices will work in achi for devices like the sata dvd drives.
If your like me and only use one harddrive for the os u runinto some problems. Ifthe os was aprdy installed when u add the raid u will have some issues, windows will take ages to load and if itdies load it will crash. How ever odd it may sound u will need to install or load the raid drivers rather. Once this is done everything will work properly. I ran into a few other problems getting windows 7 to install correctly but that is for a different discussion. This mayhave been solved by many, but when I ran intothis issue there wasn't to much information to go off of making it more or less a pain or bothersome.

As of this moment I'm on my phone, wheni get home from work I'll be able to add some more detailed information about installing the drivers and formating your hdd with a specific spec for those dealing with a ssd. Windows 7 is very tempermental too when it comes to insatiling I will be going over that as well.


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