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Nvidia And Ati

I like Nvidia.
I also like ATI.

Both have their pros and cons in my eyes.


Nvidia GPU's (The midrange and mid-highrange in particular) have impressed me with their price/performance. The 6600GT was good. The 6800GT was good. The 7600GT was good. The 9600GSO, 9600GT, and 8800GT were/are also excellent.

Sure, I don't approve of their renaming, but this doesn't affect me since I know my way around their naming.

I am however, a little upset that they're willing to trick less informed customers.

I don't approve of PhysX either. It's just some gimmicky eye candy that reduces performance. It's also proprietary, so that alienates ATI users. Some fanboys argue that Nvidia offered PhysX to ATI. Do they honestly think that offer was not without unfavourable terms for ATI?


ATI has impressed me with their technology. They were the first to adopt a 256-bit memory bus (In their excellent Radeon 9000 series), the first to adopt 512-bit (With the HD2900's). It's always exciting to see what kind of tech they're using because they're always using new stuff. (Eg. 55nm, 40nm, GDDR4, GDDR5) ATI's GPUs also have remarkably small die sizes.

I am not too familiar with their products because I have only used 1 at home (HD3200), but I have had no driver issues from them. I don't understand why some Nvidia fanboys say that ATI has "inferior drivers". I have experienced no such thing.

As for which series from ATI impressed me... the HD4000 and HD5000 series. The HD4000 series delivers remarkable price/performance. The HD5000 series (well, at this point the HD5850/5870) impresses me because it delivers 4870X2 ~ GTX295 performance whilst consuming a lot less power. (And that's with release drivers.) The AA/AF quality has improved as well and the price is right. (A 5870 is $90 less than a GTX295 at the time of this writing) I can't see how anyone can justify buying a GTX295 right now for reasons other than folding.

I wish ATI's AIB partners were as good as Nvidia's. Nvidia arguably has better AIB partners right now.

I don't give a rat's *** about flagship card performance.


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