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Nvidia Guy And My System Information Discoveries

The past couple days I have been talking with a guy from Nvidia about this one situation I had occur. Around Saturday, I was playing Dragon Age Origins. I was only playing it for about 25 minutes and then I had to go eat real quick downstairs. So I pressed escape and it paused the game with the menu. I was only gone for about 5 minutes. When I came back upstairs, I noticed that my screen was COMPLETLEY unreadable. There was about 15 different shades of red and brown and I couldn't make out anything on the screen. I pressed escape to see if the game would play and it did. There was sound but the screen was a big giant blob of brown with red outlining blobs. It was terrible. So I quit the game and turned it off.

I proceeded to discuss this with Nvidia because I thought that they might know whats up. The guy I'm talking to right now is Arun S. He's a really nice guy and he actually seems to listen. So I would say Nvidia's customer support is really good. It took at least 10 hours for them to contact me. We are still discussing the problem and right now he told me to run this graphics stress test for 1 hour to see if anything happened. So far nothing but it's only been 15 minutes.

One of his earlier suggestions he wanted me to do was to save my system information so I did and sent it to him. I was actually reading it and I discovered how many errors my games have had.

I will attach my system info file below. If you go to "Software Environment" and then "Windows Error Reporting" on the left panel, you will see just how many errors I have occured.

If you can find out what is causing this, please, comment back telling me you know whats up or have any clue.


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