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Ocns Blog Section Dos And Donts

I'm one of the few OCNers (that I know of) who visit the Blogs section every time I log on. It's always interesting to read about what OCNers have going on in their noggins at any particular time.

However, I feel that there are simply some things that ought to never be posted here. Not because I make the rules that everyone ought to follow, but because some people have the wrong idea about how to use OCN's Blogs section.

As ever, since the Blogs Section is still a part of OCN, OCN's ToS must always be adhered to. Freedom of speech is like all freedoms: To enjoy this freedom means to accept responsibility and accountability for the consequences of one's actions defined by this freedom.

To wit, then, here are some things that DO fit in the Blog Section:
  • The writer's thoughts about OCN and its membership.
  • The writer's thoughts about PC enthusiast hardware/software/games/trends, etc.
  • The writer's thoughts about anything in his private life that he/she wishes to disclose.
  • The writer's thoughts about any topic that does not violate any terms of the ToS.

With the Yin comes the Yang, some things that should NOT be in the OCN Blogs Section:
  • Spam. (I've been seeing a lot of these in the last few months now. Someone, or a cleverly-programmed bot, writes coherent discourses that are poorly disguised spam.)
  • Profanity of any sort (a ToS violation).
  • Personal insults directed at OCN members (thankfully, I've yet to come across any of these).
  • Entries that are horribly misplaced pleas for hardware tweaking advice.

My cynical side is particularly jarred by this last one. Often I fight the urge to comment in these kinds of entries and tell the blogger that it's useless to post a blog entry like this because no one hardly reads the Blogs Section. Posting a thread in the relevant part of the forum is always the best place for seeking advice about hardware or software.

A recent entry moved me to write this particular blog post because I tried to PM the relevant blogger about seeking advice for his/her technical questions in the forum section and not in the Blogs section; unfortunately, he/she did not have his/her PM function enabled. My attempt to help this person fell on deaf ears.

max302 wrote a great entry that explains what blogging is and isn't. This piece aims to just simply support what he has already said.

The Blogs Section is still a part of OCN, albeit not a heavily-trafficked one. Therefore we should all still strive to work on making sure it's up to snuff.


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