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Ocns Unexpected Benefits

Perhaps it's inevitable, but when I first joined OverClock.Net I simply didn't have certain expectations. I mean, I knew that I was sure to learn a heck of a lot from a community like this. I had hoped to eventually learn from experienced tweakers and OCers and apply these lessons to my rigs, and also hoped to someday learn well enough to give back to others.

What I never ever expected, though, was that I would meet quite a few genuinely great people here, people I'd be proud and happy to call "friend."

Perhaps it's sappy, but I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge here, in this space, a few of my OCN pals: iampoor, who I feel is like a younger brother to me; Mootsfox, a friend who shares quite a few of my own personal passions (including that for animals -- he taught me that I am actually a furry, but I never knew it); Syrillian, with whom I've never really had the pleasure to speak privately, but whose works and life philosophy I genuinely admire; SZayat, a prince of a man, with an amazing range of interests and a generosity of spirit that's simply amazing; AmericanNightmare, who is absolutely one of the funniest and most intelligent people I know from anywhere (and a fella with whom I seemed to have a contentious history in the beginning!); and thlnk3r, one of the most helpful people I know, and someone who I've had the pleasure of meeting outside of OCN.

Truthfully, these guys I've singled out are representative of the true spirit of OCN. They represent all that's good in the world, that is, a richness in knowledge and kindness and a willingness to help others in need. They are artists, craftsmen, all creative people who represent what custom PC building and tweaking are all about.

Thank you, my friends, for being my friends.


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