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Oh Boy First Blog Entry Exciting

hey guys! since i'm a lot more recently active on the forums as of late and where my career is directing me, i figured I'd say hello once again and share a little BIO for funz sake.

So i'm a 25 year old dude from Minneapolis, born and raised near Rochester, MN (home of the mayo clinic.) Also lived in phoenix for a little over 3 years.

Had a 3 year stint down in phoenix to go to UTI universal technical institute, woo haa that was a flippin joke! They actually tried extorting me after i was student of the phase for 70% of my classes in 6 months. corporate shenanigans i tell you. help to put people in debt and they laugh all the way to the bank.
i had a friend who graduated with their job placement after dropping 30 large on the schooling, he was now making a whopping 12 an hour.
I pass my A+ cert and i get ultra lucky to be salaried at 40 for a small clothing company, the plus side of this is i don't have a lot to do, i always get paychecks, and on a lot of my free time i'm studying SQL and willl soon be trying to wrap my brain around HTML better and eventually learn ASP.net.
A daunting task for a lazy son of a gun like me, but all i have is time nowadays not being taken up by a monotonous labor intensive job.
I URGE ALL YOU out there who have crappy jobs or w/e get an A+ cert book and study the crap out of it for 2 months and you never know what can happen!
My resume was on craigslist for 2 hours before i got this offer, i know i'm VERY lucky in this scenario, but i never knew until i tried.

But yeah, if you've read this far congrats, i am just a darn rambler (putting off studying to write a blog is logical right?)

But i'm very happy to be part of this community. it seems like everytime i have a serious question everybody is always great about giving their input! I'm also really happy to have earned my measly 46 reps. i enjoy helping people out, i means heck, Hueristic sent me on a mad dash to find info on some case and cpu cooler, and i felt mighty accomplished when i answered his simple silly question HAHA

So yeah, a random blog ramble from the Marlaman.
my apologies to all who have read this :-D


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