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Oh Star Wars Where Are You Going

Die Hard Star Wars Fan Rant Warning

Well, ive been a star wars fan, basically from the beginning. i own over (last appraised date jan 10th 2011) 25,000 CND bucks worth of star wars collectibles, mostly rare and vintage figures, alot of them are from non NA countries, which at this point are pretty hard to find these days.

Anyways, star wars has been a huge part of my life, i grew up with it, ive played all the games, and ive read almost all of the books. (what i havent read is the TOR era books, and the books from before ROTS. and i own and have read litterally ever book since.

Yes i am awaiting TOR, however, im not looking forward to it, persay. the reason is because i love the tales of Luke/han/Leia, although, i really love the new generation of adult jedis (ben skywalker ect) and sometimes i wish geroge lucas would just die, so that the main 3 can die, and the story can continue with new main charictors.

i dont really like the comics, i find them boring to read. (as with most comics)

i love the universe that exists with star wars, although i fear in 10 years, star wars will start to die, why?

well.... because i see them running out of ideas, i see the books coming to a stall because everyone from the movies will be so old, they cant really do anything, but they have to be alive, and they have to mean the main charictors because most people wont read the books because they dont have anything to do with the main people. although i do believe that most of the die hard fans, are the only ones reading the books in the first place (more or less i would assume), so star wars itself seems to be holding star wars back.

no i dont want more movies, i want more damn games based after the movies (damn you lucas for your stupid laws). then i see star wars becoming more of a cult classic, and not so much a huge main stream. as one star wars stops, as in no more games/books/toys ect it will simply fade away into our hystory, just like Lord of the rings (that gets a reboot every few decades) or harry potter (which i personally want to fade away).

i currently hate the line of toys that are out now, and i refuse to by them. star wars if being fed to childs, childs that lucas arts wants to grow up to keep the franchise going... come on man, ive fed your wallet so much, give us vets something we want, we want adult looking toys, stuff that we arnt gunna open, but we are gunna try and find a spot on our walls to place our new trophy.

i want stuff not sold at toys r us, because i want quality,i want my lukes to look like look, i want leia to look like carrie fischer (then not now) not some dude (look up the 95 power of the foce leias, she looks like a man)

i dont mind paying 300+ for a statue, just make a damn good looking quality statue.

last week i spent $800 on a special limited edition rancor, the thing is BEAST mode always on.

i understand them trying to keep the franchise going, but i dont have any interests in the "clone wars" why? because they are soooo kiddish and after reading all the books i cannot deal with it, because i like reading sadness, death, and sorrow, and loss. and i like reading about hope, and courage, and raising a new generation of jedi.

stop boycotting us lucas, or else one day, im gunna say NO, you stop that


thats how i feel, lucas is the guy with the whip

and seriously, lucas, i put your kids through college, the least you can do is say, ggoodd, thank you for being there, and now im gunna make some really wicked action figures of things i havent made yet (like a luke at the death of mara) or darth cadeus killing her, and stuff like that.

and well ggoodd im gunna stop toying with the movies and make a re release of the originals, and im gunna make games that people want (games after the movies) and a new rouge squadrin, and a new battlefront and so forth.

dont make me a trekkie lucas, cause i dont want to have to start my collection all over again.

ive been to celibration, ive been to skywalker ranch once (on a tour), if they ever made star wars toilet paper, im sure i would buy it also, and probally try and get it autographed, but man lucas, your pissing alot of people off with the stuff you do to us vets,

star wars, what direction are you going?

i personally dont want much more of the TOR, i hope TOR is the last of it, and i want stuff based on the EU post ROTJ, and i know alot of people do also.



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