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Oh Yeah Water

Well My best friend was over last night, and after a few games of fooz, we decided to get going.

started, by Ripping Everything apart, Motherboard had to come out, VC had to get it's heatsink removed etc.

had to do some creative moving of things in the case, to get the rad to fit, were the MB would also fit. but it worked out.

I promise Pictures are to come, I took a bunch (just at work right now).

It is all together, and I started her up last night at 1:30 (paying for that this morning) seems to be working just fine, however the Northbridge was a little hot 57-59 (which is what air was)
so I started pushing on things, turns out I may not have tightened the back plate screws enough ... Luckly I could reach a few of them from the CPU backplate hole, tightened them up, and NB went down to 42 which is exceptable. Turned Folding on last night, and woke up this morning worried because I couldn't hear the normal Roar of the computer working away.....

Rushed into my room to find the Compy happily running in the corner.

So at this point everything is fine.

sept I blame EVERYONE here for me getting the wrong part.

after taking the GPU fan off, and getting ready to mount everything, noticed that the GPU block didn't look like it would fit, sure enough. I needed to buy the EK VC 5870 V2 (asus)
and NO ONE told me

So I didn't put the GPU in, and will be phoning the company today or tomorrow to hopefully exchange the one I bought for the one I need.

pictures to be posted when I get home.


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