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Okay Mike Fine I Made A Craigslist Ad

Post writing note: I apologize for how jittery some of this blog has been-- I had a study cram session this morning and drank my least favorite energy drink: Rockstar. It gives me hella jitters and sometimes I'm too wound up by it to think completely straight.. Hence why I don't like it.. But the focused studying paid off... Since I drank it while studying it was still building momentum.

So it's been about four weeks into my new job at Taco Del Mar, and things have been... Interesting. But VERY cool. =p

The person who was leaving is gone now, and "training" is pretty much over. I've loved working with both my coworkers, and my boss is really cool as well. Where else could I be working where my boss and my coworker call each other "b****" back and forth? Lol, Taco Del Mar is where. I fit right in.

I was talking to Mike (ibelin) a bit ago about being single or taken. Well, initially I was comfortable being single. I was having fun just getting stuff done with school and work, and just focusing on that. But after a few weeks, I'm really starting to get the itch for some sort of companionship... And well.. Mike laughed and told me to post a Craigslist ad, reassuring my slight inconfidence by saying "I don't hire ugly people"... For those who are wondering, yes, Mike is gay. Fortunately for both of us, I'm not threatened by it and have a very cool new friend.

I was very reluctant to post an ad, because it just seemed incredibly weird. Plus, my perception of Craigslist was tainted. I thought it was the "local ebay"... Which in some senses it is, but I was like "So basically I'm selling myself for $0.00? What?".. ... I've met people online before, sure, but I always hate explaining all that. Even so, I decided to post an ad.

I've never used craigslist before. It just never felt comfortable to me, and it seemed pretty open to abuse. I didn't even realize there was a personals section until creating an account.. But anyway, posted my ad and out of six replies, only two were human. =(

One of the people happens to live in the area and attends the same community college I do. She mentioned she wanted to meet me, and is incredibly cute, though she's also four years older than me. That's still in an age range I feel comfortable with though, so it's all cool.

Been about a day or so since my reply to her email, but i've been anxiously waiting for hers to arrive...

And speak of the devil, just as I typed that I got it:

You just sent a picture and no reply the first time lol im not shallow so it was more important to hear a response

Remind me to never use thunderbird to send emails for important things again. ... it's either TB messed up, Craigslist, or Gmail. I have no idea, but it's weird how my emails start from my non-personally identifyable email address, then after my reply switch to my main email address. If I send the mail from the first email address, how in the hell does it get to my main one? Lol, oh well, doesn't matter now.

I resent my reply (in which I was trying my best not to write a damn blog or essay! hahaha), and now I'm playing the waiting game again. I'm very glad I decided to send a second email, because otherwise i might not have had gotten even the smallest follow up. =).. I'm still anxious, but now considerably less. Still hella excited to meet her. She seems awesome!





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