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On Fedora 9 Live For A Limited Time

So as you might be aware if you read this post, I had multiple hard drive failures in my house on the same day. After hours of messing around trying to get the drives to work, I finally settled to running off a Knoppix CD I had for a one older machine, then using my dad's laptop to burn the newer Knoppix DVD to run off my sig rig, to get basic access to my computer while the drives are off for RMA.

I've been using Knoppix for about a week now, full time, and seriously, I owe Klaus Knopper a beer, or two, or three, or twelve. I had messed around with knoppix in the time back when I was a noob, and where I would go telling friends that I could hack into hard drives and rip the SAM password caches for domain passwords on my school network (ahhh the good old days), but that was just noobiness doing it's thing. Since the last time I used knoppix, I've had the chance to get my paws on lots of linux... I've run Fedora (I'm a Red Hat whore from birth) on several different machines, and I've gotten down and dirty with the command line countless times, so it's this time that I could really enjoy the quality product that Knoppix is.

Let me tell you one thing, the newer DVD is friggin LOADED! It comes with KDE, as it always has, but it's just jam-packed with software. I've never seen a live CD with so many software, honestly: it's not every day that you see XMMS, Amarok, and about three dozen more obscure KDE-only media players, yet Knoppix seems to have them all.

I ran Knoppix right up to until I saw that Fedora 9 was out, and with a new Live CD too. Personally, I'm a GNOME person, and going back to my beloved Fedora was a very strong temptation. 35 minutes on my torrent server (600 kbps leaching anyone?), 10 minutes to burn, and I was popping the new distro in my machine.

As of now, all I can say is WOW. In addition to everything working out of the box, sound, networking, graphics (I was expecting my 8800GT to not be detected, like on F8) and all, I'm back on the oh so sexy GNOME desktop. This ISO is designed to fit on a CD, so it's less jam-packed with software than the Knoppix DVD, but everything is functional: the latest Firefox beta, Pidgin for IM, AbiWord for editing, and you can install more stuff on the RAM-drive if you really feel like it. More than enough for listening to my music and writing some blog posts. Performance wise, I feel like the pre-caching on Fedora is way better than on Knoppix, the loads times are less important and the entire thing feels a lots snappier.

It feels good to go back to linux once in a while, you know, messing aroud with source installs, busting your ass to try and get the required dependancies for such and such apps, working over many desktops... Pure bliss.


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