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One More Day

First blog post:

More like a journal, i'm posting here my disapointment in passing the 3.6GHz barrier with my athlon II x2 250...Last night i succesfully set it to run at 3.71GHz, 265*14, by decreasing the multiplier to 14 and injecting voltage into the chip, to a total of 1.54V. After the 250FSB, the BIOS POST refuse to show the correct frequency of the CPU, that passes to be 56MHz, LOL.
today the freaking thing kept showing me lovelly BSODs, so i took it back to 240*14 @ 1.49V. This really annoys me...as i am sure that it is not the ram causing the failure. I begin to lose my temper on this one i think i'll just keep it as it is for now and maybe a few days/weeks from now i'll stress the little athlon again until it shows me where is its weakness


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