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Oral Presentation

I am in the process of completing my oral presentation for my English class on "A Case For the use of Animals in Biomedical Research" by Carl Cohen. This is a rough outline of how I am going to present it:


Summary of what the article is about:

"Using animals as research subjects in medical investigations is widely condemned on two grounds: first, because it wrongly violates the rights of animals, and second, because it wrongly imposes on sentient creatures much avoidable suffering."

Position of the author:

"The first relies on a mistaken understanding of rights; the second relies on a mistaken calculation of the consequences. Both deserve definitive dismissal"

  • Why animals have no rights
  • In defense of "Speciesism"
  • Authors concluding remarks (substitution, reduction, consistency)


State my opinion Which consists mostly of dismissing the authors (In defense of "Speciesism") and disagreeing with his remark about there not being a need to reduce the amount of animals in experiments.


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