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Osx Mac And Windows Os Quot Pc Quot

I must admit was almost reeled in with the whole "ZOMG no viruses or issues. it just works!" mac campaign
what happened? i heard of Gaming PC's and enthusiasts too.and I got reeled all the way in

I had 98 and XP prior to my first build, my signature that build that will never be done. I'm the poorest nerd here "fosho" (lol)
I EVENTUALLY gathered like 1,200 and went on a spree getting the best i could find at the time you know and of course for the budget. I was actually a bit numbed and overwhelmed with how much research i was doing on hardware, that at one point i thought of just going to cyber-power and whatnot. And Mac of course.

I looked at apple's website and their $#it is EXPENSIVE man! and their nice laptops.. eh pretty but, damn no man. i can't really upgrade any of that! plus what is up with the lack of blu ray in their lines!?

so went through with it.

I had everything but the Damn CPU!
my uncle got a stroke that week too. ended up traveling to Sacramento and i'm like one hour away from LA in California.
while over there i asked my cousins for a fry's or a store similar (i don't do online buying). there i found the triple core black edition. part of the reason fro getting it was because i heard about unlocking a secret fourth core and i wanted to give that a go.
when i returned i got everything from my top bunk, yes i have bunk beds top one is unused, I cleared my Kitchen table to the anti startic cloth and wrist on and started byy unboxing the mobo and CPU, installed the CPU and RAM and then unboxed my CM scout.. i was BLOWNED!
put everything together and booted.

I literally told my mom to cross her fingers cuz she was watching and hit the power. everything went fine and i immediately installed windows seven and i couldn't be happier

uh oh I din't do enough research on PSU's cuz about a month or so i started having instabilities.

window's 7 rocks my life

so now in the present.

I wanted to better my adobe Photoshop and Flash skills so i went to my college for that. they have like 22 Mac's and 10 Dell's. I tried the Dell's cuz you know, i'm familiar with XP.

damn the hardware sucked donkey kong bollitas!
and i had a small ass monitor.
so i did the "switch to mac"

i know those things are loaded with good hardware plus the macs, imacs, are like 27 inch and very roomy! :]

well I swear to you that i couldn't feel what was so damn special about it cuz i could not for dear life see it! seriously what's so special about them i don't see it
the mouse sucks too. what is up with no right click? even when enabled i tend to miss somehow. and then the pointer spazes out sometimes, like i point down and then it goes all over the place and like goes somewhere i totally irrelevant and far off!

i guess windows seven does that to me. i remember trying the whole dragging windows to opposing sides and nothing happened xD

so yea I am Dorianime and i am definitely a windows user now


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