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I have decided to comment more on my previous statement about how we are constantly suffering and will continue to do so until we die.

I will focus this blog mainly on Joe's response:

Phew. That's a cynical outlook if I ever saw one.

In all seriousness, though, I don't agree that we exist to suffer. Suffering and pain (the negatives) are inevitable in life, yes, but are they the cause of our existence? If this indeed is the case, then the human species is definitely the most masochistic that has ever existed.

Suffering and pain, as well as their opposites on the scale, and all points in between, are part of what define what life and experience are. No matter how cynical I actually am (and, in truth, I do have a cynical side which colors my outlook towards life), I suppose I will always refuse to admit that the negative side of life is our raison d'être.

Life is miserable enough as it is.
How does one claim that suffering and pain are "inevitable" without posing the question that perhaps suffering and pain are continuously there?

In the moments of no suffering and pain are we just experiencing, "absence" of both suffering and pain? Hence, why we refer to it as the "good" or perhaps even go as far as to call it "pleasure". If it is in fact called the, "good" or "pleasure" then why is it so short-lived?

I do not mean to merely suggest that we are creatures of pain and suffering and that our existence revolves around this fact when I say that we are brought into this world to suffer and will continue to do so until we die. Do not get me wrong here... I think that as humans we are able to focus our attention on the positives of life rather then looking at the negatives.

I think that I will end this blog here and allow it to turn into a discussion

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