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Overall Crappy Day

so yeah Heres what happened that was good:
-Reconfiged my WC loop and got it working after a reservoir failure.
-I got to eat some good ol' BBQ

Heres what hapend that sucked totoally:
-My laptop is now Bricked (Prob bad proc or failing fan)
-My crazy English teacher assigned yet another project after I just completed a poetry project of rapture-like proportions.
-I scratched my 22" lcd due to my brothers constant need for attention.

My lappy isn't too bad it's the fact that my brother is 14, and he can play games on his own. I really doubt Mario Party is more important then me misplacing a tool or my loop leaking. He poked me while a screw driver was in my hand. Suposedly he says that I didn't respond when he inquired about it before (a couple of seconds before he kept poking me) and I didn't respond since I've grown a habit to ignore him. So when I went to yell at him i nicked my lcd >.<

So yeah my 22" lcd has an inch sized scratch on it now Why can I never have a lcd without something happening to it >.<


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