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Well my new computer is stable at 3.8 right now .

after putting linux on the system, and shortly after that missing my games, forced me back to windows (I keep crossing my fingers for WINE, but still not as good).

After that I decided that it was time to bite the bullet. I made a list, Checked it twice.
At the top of naughty, was the restart problem I was having with my new board(if you have followed the blog).
Turns out it was the front panel, I had screwed in, was off a little and pressing on it (not actually connecting a device) was grounding the connections, causing a restart.
FIXED that.

on the list of nice.
overclocking. went into the bios, pushed the mutli up to 18 and restarted.
everything was stable, and working well.
decided that I didn't want to change the mutli, so I reset and started with the bus.

at 16 multi and no added voltage, the system was easily stable at 3.8 and has been folding/gaming/everything for 3 days now, no crashes no artifacts nothing.

next step, getting my two other gaming systems up and FOLDING!, think I might order in some 460's to do that job.


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