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Overclocking As Addictive As Crack

Ok so I just recently purchased a HR-03 GT to cool my 8800 GT mainly so I could keep the temps down but also to quieten the bloody thing down. As that stock fan makes a racket and a half when at full pelt.

When I made the purchase the last thing in my mind was that I would overclock the card. I mean this pc is the first I have ever owned let alone built.

But since looking at reviews to find the best possible heatsink for the 8800 GT I came across a plethora of information regarding people who push their computers to the limit just for kicks. I couldn't believe people would risk the money they had put in to their computers. So I decided to look into this idea of overclocking and what it was about. I hung around on a few forums and also asked a few questions here and there, until finally I decided that no longer could I be this voyeur and that I just had to give it ago if I was to understand this phenomenon.

So I went and downloaded RivaTuner and the ATITool and gave it ago. No sooner had I started pushing my card to its limits I started to get cold feet on this idea. I stopped reset to defaults and waited. What I was waiting for was unclear. How long was I going to wait I didn't know, though I soon found out.

5 minutes later I was back trying to push the 8800 GT as far as it could go and still (that magical word) stable. Since then only a week has passed but I am now thinking more about what's happening in my case then ever before trying to work out how I could best optimise the air flow. Organising with my dad to use his compressor to clean my case out of all the dust. Thinking about how I can modify my case to add extra air flow and even thinking about the possible addition of a water cooling loop so I can now push my CPU as far as I can while still getting decent temperatures.

So my question to people is this:-

Do you think that overclocking is a addiction?



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